Have you ever felt that Squad looks bland? That it’s too dark, grey, and depressing?

I did too- so I fix’d it with magic*
*Disclaimer: magic isn’t real

ReShade for Squad

by Ferrius


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What is it?

A lot of people are not aesthetically pleased with the visuals of Squad, and often think it’s too washed out and saturated with bland colors. People have for ages been using SweetFx and ReShade to try and make up for this, but often end up burning their eyes out with over-saturation or running a single preset for the entire game.

Fact is, that the color-schemes and rendering of each map varies greatly- and to solve this I’ve spent some hours making multiple presets for all 10 maps currently in the game, and their variations using ReShade 3.0. I’ve carefully adjusted each preset using color-histograms and various comparison methods to skip the sometimes dreadful post-processing done by the game, and restore the natural beauty the engine is capable of; and added a personal touch.

How to Install
  1. Download ReShade 3.0 from here
  2. Run the .exe and press “Select game”
  3. Browse to your Squad directory and select the main .exe under the Win64 folder: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64\Squad.exe”
  4. Once selected, check the “OpenGL” option and press Install. The other options will cause your game to crash.
  5. When prompted, press “Yes” to download the standard effects collection and once it’s done, press “OK” with all of them checked
  6. Close the installer, and navigate to the folder where the squad.exe you installed ReShade to is located
  7. Download the Preset Bundle and unpack the contents to the same folder where you installed ReShade
  8. Launch your game in any mode, and observe that ReShade has been loaded in the top left corner
  9. Once in the Menu, hit “SHIFT+F2” to bring up the ReShade menu
  10. Complete the tutorial by pressing “Continue” three times, then “Finish”
  11. Navigate to the “Settings” tab, and bind a key to “Effects Toggle” (I prefer to use the “Break” key)
  12. Once you’ve bound a key, go back to the “Home” tab and select a preset at the top. Hit your bound key to enable the effect.
  13. Enjoy your new game!


  • Q: I’m not entirely happy with <insert map here>, can you make me a custom version?
  • A: Sorry, but there’s way too many downloads to do that! If you aren’t entirely happy with a map, try one of the other map presets on it – some of them work really well on completely different maps! Alternatively, you can edit the settings yourself to get them just right.
  • Q: How do I uninstall?
  • A: Simply delete all files in your Win64 folder, disregarding the Squad.exe and steamapps.ini
  • Q: Will this lower my fps?
  • A:  It is post-processing- and as such high resolutions could potentially mess with your FPS if you’re playing on a 4K setup or a low-grade GPU. If you’re having issues, try and fiddle with your resolution/supersampling. ReShade just isn’t optimized for very high resolutions as it’s post-processing.
  • Q: Do servers or EAC block ReShade?
  • A: Neither recognizes ReShade as malicious. You’re free to use it anywhere and on any server.
  • Q: Can I play in fullscreen?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: My game crashes on startup!
  • A: Make sure you’ve selected “OpenGL” when installing ReShade, otherwise crashes will occur. If you’re still having issues, try running in windowed mode.
  • Q: My game still crashes on startup!
  • A: Other overlay programs such as RivaTuner will cause a crash- disable those and I promise it’ll fire up!
  • Q: I can’t find the presets!
  • A: Make sure you’ve put the presets in the same folder as the Squad.exe where you installed ReShade, otherwise they won’t be detected.
  • Q: Isn’t this gaining an unfair advantage over other players?
  • A: Using ReShade isn’t labeled as a cheat or unfair advantage by EAC or the gaming community in general- it’s common that players change their saturation, gamma, brightness, and sharpness to gain a visual advantage in spotting enemy players. Having a 4k monitor and 60fps could be considered in the same boat as an unfair advantage, but it’s just a fact of PC gaming.


  • Contact me on Steam, Twitter, or Discord “Ferrius#0764” if you have any questions or feel that something should be added to the F.A.Q.


A special thanks to BikeMan for promoting the ReShade pack! Follow him on Twitch and Twitter!

If you’re looking for an awesome Squad community, look up Zulu X-ray Delta and join us on discord!

Fool’s Road AAS v1

Fool’s Road AAS v1 INF

Fool’s Road AAS v2

Fool’s Road AAS v3

Fool’s Road Skirmish

Yehorivka AAS v1

Yehorivka AAS v1 INF

Yehorivka AAS v2

Yehorivka Conquest v1

OP First Light AAS v1

OP First Light Conquest v1

Kohat AAS v1

Kohat AAS v1 INF

Kohat INS v1

Kohat Invasion v1

Logar Valley PAAS v1

Logar Valley AAS v1

Logar Valley AAS v1 INF

Logar Valley INS v1

Chora AAS v1

Chora AAS v2

Chora Nightbright (Any Chora Night Map)

Chora Nightvision (Any Chora Night Map)

Chora INS v1

Chora PAAS v1

Gorodok AAS v1

Gorodok AAS v1 INF

Gorodok AAS v2

Gorodok Conquest v1

Gorodok Conquest v1

Kokan AAS v1

Kokan AAS v2

Kokan INS v1

Kokan PAAS v1

Sumari AAS v1

Sumari AAS v1 INF

Sumari AAS v2

Sumari AAS v3

Sumari INS v1

Sumari ITC v1

Al Basrah AAS v1

Al Basrah Invasion v1

Al Basrah PAAS v1

Narva AAS v1

Narva Invasion v1

Narva PAAS v1